The Hilles Fund prioritizes grants to programs that serve those with the greatest needs in Philadelphia, New York City, and the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont.* Priority is given to organizations with operating budgets under $2 million.

Grants from the Hilles Fund support both proven approaches and also new approaches and can include direct services as well as systems change activities.

The Hilles Fund makes grants to organizations that provide low-income children, youth and women with pathways to economic independence and self-sufficiency. Program areas supported by the Hilles Fund are education, youth development and community development. Examples of strategies we fund include those that:

  • Facilitate children’s development and provide high quality learning opportunities.
  • Prepare youth, pre-k through high school, for academic success and/or employment.
  • Remove barriers to self-sufficiency and achievement for women and girls.
  • Help neighborhoods and/or communities organize, plan, and work together to improve their quality of life.
  • Support educational and outreach activities of the Religious Society of Friends

*The northeast corner of the state of Vermont, comprising Essex, Orleans and Caledonia counties.


Application deadlines are February 15, and September 15. If February 15 or September 15 falls on a weekend or holiday, applications may be postmarked the next business day. No more than one request from an organization will be considered within a twelve-month period.

Two (2) copies of the proposal, Hilles application cover sheet, and supporting materials must be submitted by mail. Click here to download the application documents package.


To be complete, your application must include the following information about your organization and the activities for which you are applying for support
Please submit 2 copies.

Description of your organization

1. Mission
2. Organizational background and history (if a first time applicant)
3. Services provided

Description of the project for which you are seeking funding
(If your request is for operating support, please substitute "organization" for the word "project" in your description.)

4. Geographic area served by the project.
5. Name and purpose of the project. Total project budget; amount requested; amount still needed.
6. What is the need for the project? Who will benefit from it, including number of people served? How will the project help those served? What do you expect to be its outcomes?
7. Describe how the project will operate. Include hours, days and months of operation, full- and part-time staff and their qualifications. If volunteers are used, describe how they are recruited and trained.
8. Who will be in charge of the project? What are their qualifications?
9. How and when will you measure the success or outcomes of this project?
10. Detailed project budget. Expenses should include line items, with amounts for staff (number of full-time and part-time staff and the amount of their time devoted to the project), materials, supplies and other costs. Income should include other funding available or anticipated.


• Cover Sheet (page 1)
• 1 copy of the 501 (c)(3) IRS "determination letter" demonstrating your tax-exempt status
• Leadership, including officers, directors and Board members
• Organization budget, including anticipated sources of income
• Your most recent annual financial statement (audited if available)
• Program budget, if applicable


Grant recipients must provide a brief narrative and financial report on how the grant was spent within one year of the receipt of the grant or at the time of the next application. Click here to download the grant report cover sheet and report guidelines.


Agencies that have received continuous funding for 4 years are asked to refrain from requesting support for one year.